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Partnering with the LARGEST Aquarium in the region

We are pleased to announce the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between The Dalami Marine L.L.C. And the National Aquarium- Abu Dhabi (The Largest aquarium in the region). Dalami Marine will be Providing Consultancy to The National Aquarium on regional fishery and habitat of marine species.

Dalami Marine L.L.C. team Includes the best specialist team to provide knowledge, and consultancy through case studies about local marine habitat, and to locate any marine species, in the local waters, and also we can provide the information of the type of habitat for each fish, and what type of species is located in these type of habitats.

Dalami Marine L.L.C. is aiming for the opportunity to work with the Environment agency-AbuDhabi, to cooperate in preserving the regional habitat and species, and educating the locals through social media, and easy spoken language, by driving the culture change through showing the fishermen and pleasure boaters the effect of misuse or bad habit on the marine ecosystem.

We are Looking forward to expanding our services to the GCC region, and looking to cooperate with university, institute, and environmental organizations to exchange knowledge and information, and provide services to regional clients.

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