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Dust Control and Road Stabilization Solution.

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

We at Walm Investment Group focus to bring Solution to a problem that mostly faced, a solution that never thought of before, and focus on cost effective solution. And this time we would like to introduce a product that is much in need and it will help solve a very big problem that we face in United Arab Emirates Which is Dust, and flying sand.

Dust Is a big issue that we face in UAE, there are a lot of new construction area being developed, and some newly developed area that lack Asphalt road that will take you to the construction location, this makes people use the temporary road that is a mix of stone and muddy sand “ CATCH” to be able to reach the location. But this solution has it is down side, where after using the CATCH it will consume a lot of water to stabilize the CATCH and for the CATCH not to become like powder sand that will case different problems like flying dust, engines wear out crop damage and much more.

DC/RS solution is the cost effective comparing to the other solution, it can be use in different areas of need, for example farms needed of controlling the dust, because dust will ruin the crops, that the dust land on the fruit and the leaves of the tree.

Another problem that dust can cause by engine sucking the dust and ruin the engine inner component, which makes the flying sand enter from the filter of the car and damage the most expansive parts of the engines, which is the pistons and other sensitive component.

Furthermore, DC/RS can be used in the landing site of the helicopter where the blades blow the wind fast to the ground, and if the helicopter site is not stable, the dust will be flying and it covers the pilot view while landing, which could be dangerous, and even the waiting people would be barred by the sand and dust when the helicopter lands.

DC/RS can be used for much more applications like temporary parking, temporary roads, and mining site to control the dust, roadside water channel cut, railroad sand stabilizing and much more, I would suggest if you have any inquiry, and thought please reach out to us, and we consult you if the product is a good solution for your project.

We at Walm is looking to provide the best solutions and consultancy for your projects and guarantee the best service to all our projects.

Check the Resources file for more Details Click Here

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